Monday, February 11, 2008

Stage #1

Yesterday, out of the blue, my hubbie offered to finish a room in the basement for my scrapbook room! I didn't know what to say...I was completely speechless! I have been waiting for a year and a half to have my own room! I was so excited!!!! I have been scrapping on the kitchen table or on the living room floor! I'm really excited to have my own space! So yesterday afternoon we got it all cleaned out and took lots of measurement. Right now it's just an ugly shell, but to me it is least it will be! Today I was going through my closet and found lots of stamp sets I haven't touched in years. I totally forgotten I even had them! So out of curiousity I posted them on Craigslist. I honestly didn't expect anything would happen...but 5 minutes later I recieved a phone call. The lady (she was so sweet) came over and bought all of them! I coudn't believe how fast I was able to sell them! So after that I went to my stash of "things I'm holding on to to sell at my LSS's garage sale" and started posting those also! It's been about three hours and I'm almost positive I have everything sold...they are just pending upon pick-up! So, if that's the case, my scraproom will be able to half of the supplies we need! Whoo Hoo! I'm so darn excited! I thought it would be fun to post all the stages while it's being built!'s to Stage #1

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