Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost Done....

I am so excited! My husband has been working on my scrapbook room everyday for the past week! All weekend and every night when he gets off work! What a total sweetie! The poor thing has been so board this looooong winter with nothing to do! Fishing season isn't quite here and neither is the hunting when he offered to make this room for me, I honestly didn't think it would be done anytime soon! Wrong! He has been itching to start a "project"...and once he starts, it's really hard for him to stop! Around 9:00pm I have to go downstairs and make him quit for the night! "But I'm on a roll!" is his excuse! So, with that's almost done! Just have a couple more pieces of sheetrock to hang and then we can start taping and mudding!
Well...for the past couple days I have been second guessing the colors I chose for my room! At first I was going to go with a really light purple/periwinkle and accent with a light blue and soft green. But after a thinking about sounds way too baby-ish! It's not a's a creative space and, I finally have a room that I get to chose EVERYTHING!! I love hot pink! It's my favorite color! It's even better when it's matched with black! Love them!!! So, here's my new idea: I'm going to keep the walls white because I don't have a lot of natural light for my room. I want to keep it as bright as possible. Then I'm going to paint a HOT PINK hawaiian flower on one of the walls! It's going to be HUGE...about 3ft and outlined in black! This morning I raced to my LSS and bought this transperancy by Creative Imaginations! I have been eye-balling this trans for a really long time! And now I know why! It's going to be on my wall!!!! Awwww....I'm getting excited just thinking about it! Shelving and desk will be white. Storage baskets will be pink and black. Curtains black and white polka dots! I love it!!!!

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  1. Oh lucky girl! please post a photograph of all your labours when it's ready - then we can all drool with you!!!!!!! bx


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