Monday, March 31, 2008

Fabulous weekend!!

What a weekend!! It didn't start our very nice...we had inches of snow on the ground, yuck! I'm so tired of the snow!!! Anyways, Saturday afternoon I went our with my best friend, Tina! I haven't seen her in a couple months. Our schedules have been so wacked out lately! It was so good to see her again..we went shopping together and had a total blast! Our fave place to shop is Burlington Coat Factory (love them), so of course we had to go there! I have been eye-balling these pair of shoes for quite some time now, and guess what...they were on clearance for $3.99! Total "Deal Of The Century"!! After we were done she had to take her adorable puppy to puppy school, so I ventured off to the mall. Since I have been so down in the dumps from all this gloomy weather, I figured a new "spring colored" shirt would cheer me up! I found the cutest turqoise top...but when I had it up to myself (looking in the mirror) the hanger got stuck in my hair!!! I was so embarrassed! People were staring and I couldn't get it was horrible! That was my breaking point! I marched right out of the store (of course I had to buy the shirt lol) and into a salon! Sat down and told her to CUT IT OFF! hour and 8+ inches later:

I LOVE IT!!! Why I didn't do it years ago? Who knows! I was a little nervous about what DH would say considering I haven't cut my hair this short...ever! I walked in the door, and to my surprise...he loved it too!! Thinking this day couldn't get any better...I had a package on the doorstep waiting for me to open! My RAK from Jennifer had come!! There were tons of fabulous goodies in there!! It was amazing! She is the sweetest person EVER!!! Thanks Jennifer! you can see...I had a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Toot toot...

I can't believe it! One of my layouts was chosen to be published! I recieved the e-mail earlier today! I'm still in total shock! So.....keep your eyes open for the Sept/Oct issue of Memory Makers, I'll be in it!!! :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Mud Soup"

I haven't had any pictures printed off in the past week (I know, I get a little obsessed when it comes to pictures) I thought I would take this time and scrap a layout of my boys from last summer! I think the title tells all! lol They LOVE to play in the mud!!! I swear it runs through their blood! They are constantly getting dirty! I used the Little Yellow Bicycle paper it!! It's perfect for boys!
I have been challenging myself to use more than two photos in my layouts (I'm one of those "one photo" scrappers), it has been really difficult, but I'm really enjoying it! I even scrapped a two pager last week for myself! Now that was weird! I'll post that one after the contest is over this month.
I decided to do another "baby girl" card! I don't know who I'll give this one too, but I just had to scrap something girly!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

CPS # 57

Here's is my card for the CPS #57 sketch! I love doing these really long cards!!
Thanks for looking!!

size: 4x9
Patterend Paper: K&Co.
Cardstock: Paperbilities
Flowers: Mainstay
Bird: K&Co.
Font: Cry Kitty
Ink: Ranger

Friday, March 21, 2008

Pirate Princess

My sister's birthday is just around the corner...a couple weeks, but I know if I don't make her card now I'll forget! I love this paper line by Rusty Pickle!! Inside the card I sewed a little pocket to put her gift card in...and it was a great way to cover up all my stitch mess! The crossbones on the front is Tim Holtz grungeboard...I also used his crackle paint on it!!

Card-Making Frenzy!!!!

After participating in the CPS sketch challenges for a couple weeks, it seems they have sparked some fabulous inspiration inside me!! lol I'm completely obsessed!! The past couple days, I have been making cards NON-STOP (as you can see from the previous posts)!! Lately my goal has been to use only scraps when creating cards...and that's just what I've been doing!! Here are a couple cards I made today during the boys' naptime:
Thank You
*I sewed a plastic coaster on the cardstock and put some buttons inside. You can't really see them in the picture, but they are there! :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

CPS #56

Here's my take on the CPS #56 sketch. I decided not to use spring colors...don't ask me why. lol
Ummmm wow...the orange flower is super bright in the picture! In person, it is not that bright! Hummmm...the sun must have hit it just right, oh well!

An Afternoon Alone...

My Mom wanted to have the boys today! She hasn't gotten to spend much time with them in the past couple weeks! My schedule has been really wacked! I may be a SAHM, but I stay very busy during the week! So, I thought I would take this opportunity to go downstairs and scrap for a few hours! It was so relaxing! I got a lot done! Here are a couple cards I made using ONLY my scraps!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Very Productive Weekend!!

I had a total blast this weekend! My Aunt and Grandma came over for a super fun visit! We scrapbooked all night long on Friday...stayed up till 1am (well my Aunt and I stayed up even longer talking and giggling! It was so much fun!)! Saturday we went shopping and came back home to do some more scrapping! She brought over her Expressions...let's just say I really want one now! I have the baby bug and love it, but getting to cut out things over 6 inches was a total blast! My favorite feature was how it calculated how many images you could get on a page! I cut out over 40 butterflys for my SIL's baby shower invites with NO hesitation! We even tried the Cricut pens! We were all amazed!!!
Here are some of the layouts I finished! I did a couple more, but they will be submitted for publication! Cross your fingers they get chosen! The first two layouts were done using Becky Fleck's PageMaps! That was a really challenging for me! I rarely use more than one photo on my layouts! I really love how they turned out! It gave me lots of inspiration to use more photos!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hippity Hoppity...Easter's On It's Way!

I can't believe how early Easter is this year! I feel like I have NO time to prepare for anything! I'm still trying to get our St. Patrick's Day dinner ready! I think I have everything ready to go, but I feel I'm missing something!!! Greg is "very" irish, so it's a holiday we always celebrate! This year we are having a completely green dinner! Everything will be green! Anyways...back to Easter! Here are a couple card I was able to get done this afternoon! I'll probably send them out in the next day or too so I don't forget! All the paper is from Rusty Pickle's new line White Chocolate Bunnies! I love it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thank You

I made this card for one of the ladies I worked with! She is the most amazing person you could ever meet! No matter what the day has brought (good or bad) she always has a smile on her face!
I got the idea for the card from Dawn
at Paper Popsicles! Thanks Dawn!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend Fun...

Wow! What a weekend! I got a lot accomplished! Mom and I went shopping on Saturday! Went to a couple scrapbook stores and had lots of fun! Got lots of new products...even got to see Donna Downey! She was teaching classes at one of the LSS! It was fabulous! When I got home I got a couple more things put up in my scrapbook room! I love all the baskets I bought! The dollar store ROCKS!
Greg went to a hockey game Saturday night, so I scrapped after the kids went to bed! Got a couple layouts finished for a couple pubcalls (crossing my fingers they get chosen) and finished last weeks CPS #54 challenge! So here it is:

PP: Deja Views
Rub-on: Pebbles inc.
Ribbon: May Arts
Flower: Mainstay
Flower stickers: Miss Elizabeth

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cindy and Moto

Here's a layout I did a couple days ago...just forgot to post it! This is sister's baby! She has been wanting her own little yorkie for the longest time...and it finally happened! Isn't she so cute!I'll Love U Today, Tomorrow and FOREVER

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

TaDa!! (updated w/ more pics)

It's finally done! I spent the past two days painting...but it's finally done! I had so much fun painting those flowers! The largest one is about 3 feet! There's one on every wall.
My hubbie will be putting up the last shelf tonight and bring down the rest of my furniture! Still haven't decided what kind of floor I want either, but for now I'm totally satisfied!
My Dad gave me the desk! It's do nice! They were re-doing all the furniture at his work, so he got it for free! I love it! It's very spacious! I will be changing the desk top to black soon! Obviously I have a lot of "moving in" to do...but had to share with you all! I'll post more pictures as soon as I get everything moved in! TFL!

With the extra shelf

My version of the Clip-it-up!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ready For Paint....

It's finally done! just needs the paint! Eeekkk! My amazing hubbie has been working on it non-stop! He's such a sweetheart! We...well "he" just got done texturing the walls a couple hours ago! I got to spray a small portion of it...super fun! I think I had more texture on me than the wall! He touched up the spot I did! LOL! Anyways, it looks fabulous! He did such an amazing job! It finally looks like a room! I'm so excited! After church we all went to Ziggy's and bought the shelves...the boys were really excited to help "pick out" everything! We all had a blast! Everything(and I mean "everything")is patiently waiting in my dining room to be moved downstairs!! Don't worry, there will be LOTS of pictures to share when it's all put together!
So...tomorrow...hopefully I will be starting to paint! As soon as that's done I'll be purchasing my carpet! Yes!!!!

This photo is was taken before the texture


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