Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gettin' thrifty...

I really love how this card turned out!!
There are lots of "scraps" on this card....
the corrugated paper was from an unused box,
the green ribbon was a tiny little 4 inch scrap
that I kept...why? I'm not really sure, but it
And of course the stick I found in my scrappy room
from a project I did WAY back in October...what can
I say?? I'm a collecter!!
Oh, and my favorite....the little black ruler sticker
is actually not "really" a sticker!! It was on the
edge of my letter sticker I cut it
out and used it!!

**I've had a couple questions about how I get my
corrugated paper so perfect....."actually" if you look
at it really closely, it's NOT perfect!! When you peel
off the top layer of a box one side will come off a little
easier then the you might just have to test
it out!! If it's being really really stubborn I will use
my Cricut spatula to help peel it off!! But I personally
like to leave little "scragglys" looks really fun
after painted or inked!! I'll be posting a mini-album that
I created using a "Top Ramen" box as the be on
the look out!!


  1. OMGoodness.....I LOVE this card! The corrugated cardboard looks so cool!

  2. I love this scrap card, I like you don't know why I hold on to little scraps but I do.... You never know when they will come in handy and every once in awhile I go thru and toss things, its rare....


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