Thursday, December 18, 2008

Can You See It??

My car that is!!
It's seems to be missing!! lol

OMG...we got 20inches of snow within the last 24 hours!!
They have shut down the city streets and are advising everyone stay inside!!
A lot of businesses are closed along with all the schools, garbage pick-up...and the list goes on and on from there!!
They said we are expected to see another 3-7inches today and then 3-7inches tonight!!
We are "officially" snowed in!!
But you know what that means.......LOTS of scrapping!!! lol
At least I can see that positive out of this!! ;)


  1. `Hi` Jackie...Havent been over for ages!!!But it`s an absolute pleasure to visit and catch up with all your `Beautifullly` created pretties!!!!
    Would like to `Wish you and your family the most wonderful Christmas`...TFI:)
    `Enjoy` the snow:)~X~

  2. Wow, that's just nuts! I can't believe that you got that much in one day!

  3. WoW!! It looks beautiful!! ^.^
    Enjoy the snow...and enjoy your extra scrapping!! :0)

  4. My BFF lives in Post Falls Idaho and sent me VERY similar pictures. She's SO ready for the snow to go away. :)


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