Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Wow...can you believe it's already November??
Thanksgiving is almost hear...and then...CHRISTMAS!!!
Not much time left!!

Lots of things have been happening the past couple weeks!! As most of you know, my oldest turned six two weeks ago!! Well...today I had a "meeting" with his teacher!! Turns out he is being naughty at school, so I get the lovely privilage of dealing with that!! Let's just say..."he's totally like his Dad"!!!

On a better note the doctor's felt that they should down the dosage of my husbands blood pressure medication because it's been leaving him rather depressed!! That was last week and we have already seen a significant change in his mood!! I went hunting with him on Saturday morning...just to spend some time with him!! Didn't get or see any elk, BUT we did get to watch the sunset together, on top of a gorgeous rock formation!! It was amazing!!! We were higher than the fog, so it was so beautiful seeing in weaved between all the trees and smaller mountains!! I wasn't able to use my flash (didn't want to scare anything away), but was able to snap a decent pic!!

Have you been over to Paper Popsicles lately?? Well, let me tell you...I just ordered the new Glue Glider...WOW!! I totally love it!! It's way smaller then the ATG and is just as strong!!! And the best part...it's only $14.25!!! Can you believe that??

And while you are over there make sure you check out the new November challenges posted!! The one for this week was to create a non-traditional colored Christmas tag!! So here is the one I created!! I just used some little scraps I had lying around (actually, I was about to put them in the garbage)!!!


  1. Love the tag, Jackie! That's for this weeks theme challenge, right? Very cool! Love the dew drops!

  2. Girl, I LOVE your new pic!! HOT-TAY!!!

    And your tag is WAY cute, can't wait to do this challenge!!


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