Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tag...You're It!!!!

Oh I'm so excited!!! Thanks Ching for this super fun opportunity!!! hehe

Okay, so I guess I'm supposed to share 7 Random facts about me....oh dear!! This might be a little scarey!! lol Here goes:

1. I am a huge sucker for Soaps...I absolutely LOVE Days of Our Lives!!! ((hope you aren't reading this If I miss the episode, which I have been for the past couple months, I've discovered that I can read the update for the day!!

2. I completely freak out if my comforter is facing the wrong way...seriously!! My hubby thinks it's hilarious and will purposly turn it around to see my reaction!! I will honestly wake up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night and notice it!!!

3. I will ONLY drink Starbucks coffee...I'm super picky about my coffee!!!

4. I have a secret attraction to Chef Gordon Ramsey!!! I know, I know!!! There is just something about him that is super super sexy!!!

5. I absolutely LOVE musicals...Hello Dolly to be exact!! I would love to be in a musical someday!!!

6. I am a complusive e-mail checker...this drives my hubby nuts!! I just can't help it!! I have no clue why either...I just really enjoy checking it!!

7. I LOVE patterned socks...I am constantly looking to find a new pair of "happy socks"!! They are so much fun!! I actually just bought a pair this evening!!

Hope you had fun reading my "random" things...some of them I'm a little embarrassed about sharing!! lol I'm going to tag:



  1. Hi Jackie..I loved to read your answers!!!Fab!!!TFS!!!and `Thanks` for choosing me to be part of your list :):):)...I will post mine on as soon as I get two.....
    Have a wonderful weekend:)X

  2. Hi Jackie! Thanks for the tag! I've done these a couple times . . . but I will try to come up with some new information! Your answers are very interesting! I love reading these things! Have a great day!

  3. Oh my....I hope I can come up with some random facts about myself; I am not too exciting!

    Oh, when my daughter (who is now 32) was in Junior High School, she and I loved to watch Days of our Lives together. We thought Drake Hogeston (I think that how you spell his name)was it; I mean "IT!" He was playing Roman Brady at the time and he made a guest appearance at Bellevue Square Mall (we were living in Redmond, WA. at the time.) Because she was doing so well in school, I let her cut class and we went to see him. Well, there must have been a million kids there because someone at a lot of the High Schools in the area had called in bomb threats hoping they would close the schools so the kids could come to see him. They sure succeeded! We did not get an autograph but we had a wonderful time. When Drake became John, we kinda moved on to another soap (Young and the Restless) but now, we don't watch any. I guess it was more sharing the time together that kept us watching each day.


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