Friday, October 10, 2008

BOO Mini Album & Hubby Update

Have you seen the new Halloween collection from Cosmo Cricket??
If you haven't you can find it
here...just scroll down a little bit!!

Anyways, the challenge over at Caardvarks is to create something that incorporates scoring in a special way!! So this was my perfect opportunity to use this amazing line of papers!! So, I decided to make a tri-fold mini album to hold all my little spooky photos and stories for this coming Halloween!!

How did I make the base you ask?? WEll, it's super easy!! All it is is one sheet of black cardstock...yep that's it, one sheet!!

1. Score at 6.5"
2. Turn cardstock around at score 4" and 8 1/8"
3. Fold the 6.5" line first, then your 4" and 8 1/8" lines to create the tri-fold
4. Cut the shape you want for your flaps (you can see mine are diagnal and the middle is straight
5. Glue down edges and creases

See...I told you it was super easy!!
If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment or e-mail me!!

Here's my finished album:

***Update with Hubby***
Sorry I haven't given you an update lately!! We are still going through a lot with DH's health!! But his thyroid medication is starting to work...but as most of you know, if you fix one thing then several others arise!! The doctor's still think there is something wrong with his heart, so he went and saw the Cariologist on Wednesday...he's not sure what's going so DH has to wear a heart moniter for three weeks to record all the "episodes" he's been having!! Hopefully they will be able to pick something up!! One top of that I had to take him back to the ER the week before last because he passed out and hit his head pretty hard! Don't worry, he's okay...and so is his head, but they were able to find out that there's a really high chance that he has epilepsy! The kind they are think he has affects his brain...his brain is having seizures! So he's on another medication to help those episodes and then he will have to go see a Neurologist to confirm the doctors findings!!
So, that is what's going on right now...hopefully I will have a better update for you all in a couple weeks!! Thank you ALL for your prayers, love and support!! I wouldn't be able to make it through this if it wasn't for your sweet comments!!!


  1. What a super-fun Halloween creation ... I especially love the way you cut the angles on your pocket and the fun textured front ...fabulous.

  2. Hi JACKIE:)
    Well firstly your little mini book is `fabulous`I have a new found love with cosmo cricket!!!

    and secondly I do hope you find the answers for husband soon!!!
    and he is soon better....
    ..My husband is a sufferer..of big (((hugs)))and hope you get things settled ...I will keep you in my prayers:)~X~

  3. OH sweety!!! I hope they find the answers fast and it's easily fixed!!!

    I love the trifold card!!!! too cool!

  4. love the creations! especially that trifold card! gonna make me one of these! keeping DH in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. Waat an awesome trifold album! So festive!! Thanks for sharing the directions on how to make it.


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