Wednesday, March 5, 2008

TaDa!! (updated w/ more pics)

It's finally done! I spent the past two days painting...but it's finally done! I had so much fun painting those flowers! The largest one is about 3 feet! There's one on every wall.
My hubbie will be putting up the last shelf tonight and bring down the rest of my furniture! Still haven't decided what kind of floor I want either, but for now I'm totally satisfied!
My Dad gave me the desk! It's do nice! They were re-doing all the furniture at his work, so he got it for free! I love it! It's very spacious! I will be changing the desk top to black soon! Obviously I have a lot of "moving in" to do...but had to share with you all! I'll post more pictures as soon as I get everything moved in! TFL!

With the extra shelf

My version of the Clip-it-up!

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  1. Love the flower!!! Can't believe you painted that - looks awesome! And I so love the pink accents! How fun.


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