Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ready For Paint....

It's finally done! just needs the paint! Eeekkk! My amazing hubbie has been working on it non-stop! He's such a sweetheart! We...well "he" just got done texturing the walls a couple hours ago! I got to spray a small portion of it...super fun! I think I had more texture on me than the wall! He touched up the spot I did! LOL! Anyways, it looks fabulous! He did such an amazing job! It finally looks like a room! I'm so excited! After church we all went to Ziggy's and bought the shelves...the boys were really excited to help "pick out" everything! We all had a blast! Everything(and I mean "everything")is patiently waiting in my dining room to be moved downstairs!! Don't worry, there will be LOTS of pictures to share when it's all put together!
So...tomorrow...hopefully I will be starting to paint! As soon as that's done I'll be purchasing my carpet! Yes!!!!

This photo is was taken before the texture

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  1. NICE! That is going to be a great space! What a wonderful DH! :)


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