Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where has the time gone??

Wow...has it really been 2 weeks since I updated last??
With my son starting soccer...my husband (me) hosting a bi-monthly poker night, a weekly parenting class (Growing Kids God's Way...absolutely AMAZING and highly recommended!!!!)...the weeks have seem to be flying by!!
Can you believe April will be over in just a couple days?? Crazy!!

So...with the start of May, that means Mother's Day will be drawing near!!
So make sure you check back later this week and next for some more Mother's Day cards!! I've got lots to make (for all the guys at my hubby's work) so there will be lots to share!!!


  1. beautiful! what is that font? cricut or stickers?

  2. They are stickers by Pink Paislee!! Aren't they fabulous!!!

  3. Love those letters and the big beautiful ribbon. Haven't visited in a while, but I certainly wasn't disappointed tonight. Your work is FAB as usual!

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