Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Fresh Start

So for the last couple days I have been busy cleaning out my scrappy room!!
And I was really surprised about all the things I found!! Lots of goodies I didn't know I had!! I'll get to some of my "findings" in a few minutes!!
Anyways, I was really inspired by my dear friend Lynda...she cleaned up her room and shared the pics with us!! And let me tell you...WOW!!! What a fun place to be "locked" in!!!

So after cleaning I found a clock that I had put together, but never really finished it!! The frame was purchased at Michael's for $5.00 (with a coupon) and the clock hardware was about the same!! Super fun, really easy...and very inexpensive!!!

Then I came across TONS of extra pictures!! You know the ones that you planned on scrapping, but there wasn't enough room on the page...well I found a frame in the basement that wasn't being used!! And made this collage!! You can't really see it in the photo, but I took a white Sharpie and wrote little messages on some of the photos!! I LOVE how it turned out!! I think it's my favorite things in my room now!

And here are the rest of the photos of my super clean room!!!
I was rather thrify with some of my pieces of furniture too!! The brown shelf (underneath my white one) was round in one of my closets...unused!! And the white cabinet (under my clock) was hanging in my bathroom holding my towels before we remodeled it!! I covered my bulliten board with scrapbook paper and added some flowers for a super fun touch!! My pieces my not be your "normal" scrapbook furniture, but I'm really happy with it!!! :)


  1. what a great space jackie! how fun! what did you use to make the flowers and "create" on your wall?

  2. Thanks Melita!!
    The words on the wall were cut out with my Cricut...I used the Mini Monograms cart!!
    And I painted the flowers on my wall!! I found a transparency from Creative Imaginations and used a projector to get it really large!!!

  3. Happy New Year Jackie! I love your room very cool - Luv the flowers and the create words on the wall look amazing! The collage you did with the picture frame Rocks : )

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! YOu did great! Is it paper or vinyl you cut for the walls?

  5. wowo! your scrappy room is soo cool!

  6. I'm soooo jealous - I'm gonna show my hubby the photos and demand he duplicate it for me, only in purple *grin* LOL

    Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hello! I really loved browsing your blog also!


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