Friday, September 12, 2008

Giftcard Holder

So I'm sure you all know that J's is having their huge coupon sale this week!! Of course I totally had to take advantage of it, so I bought some new stamp sets and embossing powders...the whole works!!!
Here's a giftcard holder I made using my new "goodies"! The card measures 3.5x5.5! It was super fun and super easy!! What a perfect thing for the holdiays too!!


  1. Wow how gorgeous. I love this xxxx

  2. awesome! I drool everytime I come to your blog!

  3. gorgeous gift card (need my addy so you can fill er up and mail it out to me????)

  4. Super cute as always! Yeah for the cardboard I just cut (or you could probably tear too) whatever size piece I want then peel off the top layer and you get the corrugated stuff. You can peel it all off or leave pieces of it on there too. Its fun to use.

  5. Very pretty. Love all the colors! Your designs always amaze me!


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